Sam Pazicni

Credentials: Principal Investigator


Sam received BA degrees in Chemistry and Music from Washington and Jefferson College, MS and PhD degrees in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin–Madison (with Judith Burstyn), and performed post-doctoral research in Biophysics (with Jim Penner-Hahn) and Chemistry Education (with Brian Coppola) at the University of Michigan. In 2009, Sam began his independent career at the University of New Hampshire, receiving tenure in 2015. After ten years at New Hampshire, Sam returned to his alma mater to serve on the faculty of the UW–Madison, where he currently teaches General Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry at the undergraduate level and co-directs the UW Bridge to the Chemistry Doctorate Program. Sam is a member of the American Chemical Society, and serves on the Society’s Committee on Education (currently chair of the Supporting Excellence in Higher Education subgroup and vice-chair of the Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholars Advisory Board). Sam regularly leads workshops on assessment, course design, equity in teaching, and graduate programs in chemistry in venues associated with the American Chemical Society and the Cottrell Scholars Collaborative. He has been involved with the Advanced Placement Chemistry program as a 2022 AP Chemistry Visiting Fellow and a member of the AP Chemistry Development Committee. Sam also recently served as the lead author for the Center for Curriculum Redesign‘s General Chemistry Learning Outcomes project, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Outside of the lab, Sam enjoys music and theatre, cooking extravagant things, and exploring the world.